The story of Texas' loss and our great gastronomic gain is the stuff of legends…or at least a bit of cowboy poetry.

Cowboy Poetry

Ode to Buster

The sun hung low that day when Texas lost her native son.

With watery eyes we sobbed and watched him pack for Oregon.

Buster said he had a mission there, a callin’ from above:

The gospel of the barbecue must needs be spread with love.

So off he went to teach the word and feed a soul or two.

He introduced the great Northwest to Texas barbecue.

Now, years have passed, our tears are gone, and our hearts are swelled with pride,

Authentic Texas barbecue has crossed the Great Divide.

Oh, woeful state of Texas, her lone star’s come undone,

Her grievin’s inconsolable for the loss of her favorite son.

“What shall we eat?” her people cry, “for Buster made the best.”

Now, up and gone to Oregon, he feeds the dank Northwest.

With chicken and with sausages, delicious meals bovine,

Red beans and beer and fresh cut slaw and loin of savory swine,

He’s made them Texans, everyone,

So lose your mournin’ shroud;

Our Buster, and his barbecue, have made fair Texas proud.

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