Buster and SteveOur Story

Raised on the smoky ribs and beef brisket of barbecue joints in Houston and San Antonio, Buster and his brother Steve learned a lot about dry-rubbed, slow-smoked meats and what separates the 'real deal' from pretenders. And they learned family recipes and their way around the kitchen from their father, who had quite the reputation for making people happy with great food and good times. So, years later after moving to the Portland area they introduced Oregon and southwest Washington to the authentic Texas barbecue they love and know so well. The story of Texas' loss and our great gastronomic gain is the stuff of legends…or at least a bit of cowboy poetry.


In 1982 Buster's first restaurant opened in Milwaukie. As word spread that there was a real barbecue joint in town, the place flourished, allowing them to open more. So now you'll also find locations in Gresham and Tigard. Plus, Buster's caters functions throughout the area serving from 50 to 5,000 people.

40 years later Buster's is still smokin' thanks to great customers. Folks who know that around here when they want authentic Texas-style barbecue for lunch, dinner or their catered event Buster's has the goods.


HorseWhat’s with the name Buster’s?

First of all, yes, there is a Buster. He started Buster’s back in 1982 and still runs the joints today along with his brother Steve. Is that his “real” name? Well, the story goes like this: On a fine hot Houston, Texas summer day back in the early ‘50’s our founder entered the world. As was the custom at the time, grandparents and extended family and friends anxious to meet him pressed up to the hospital nursery window and waited for the bundle of blue to be rolled in. As soon as he was, granddad on his mama’s side (a genuine cowboy if there ever was one) took one look and proclaimed, “Well, ain’t that a little Buster!” The name stuck and pretty much from then on people haven’t paid much attention to what it says on his birth certificate. Nope…he’s “Buster”.